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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hollyoaks week 3 Esters dress plus Wales OMG!

Bet you wish you were going here!!!! Well In am anyway! This is Newport beach in Wales. and.... I am going to Wales in the half-term with my best bud and her family! We will be staying in a caravan (I know fun right!) and p.s there will be some swimming and horse ridding involved (and hopefully some sun bathing!)! This post is just telling you that the rest of this week PLUS next week will be the most miser ablest  weeks of your life because....Sadly.....I....Wont....Be (Oh thats it let me just get straight to the point!) able to post :(! as my last post for the next couple of day (From Friday to Saturday 1st of June) I will be posting about Hollyoaks! So click the read more button now!!!

There's some drama this week with Hollyoaks! Callum is hospitalised after being shot by the "mysterious" thieves! There is love in the air and hate nearly every where for Nancy and her husband; after her husband being caught up in a robbery shooting she feels no sorrow for him and says "all" he did was "call" the ambulance! I've always hated Nancy, Always...... So who has been floating the fashion boat this week! Watch the video to recap your minds!!! Hollyoaks fashion find week three: Wednesday 22nd May 

Ester with her amazing multi-colored zig zag dress and cardi! 

Copy her style with this fab version at River Island for £20.00 on sale from being 40 quid! 

really sorry but I couldn't get a good snapshot of Esters dress but this is what she was tots wearing! 
Get this off of by River island for £35.00 

Bye, see keep your eyes ready for my back from Wales post!  
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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