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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hollyoaks week 2: Holly's orange dress OMG!

Sorry for the late Hollyoaks post As you know I was away so if it weren't for 4oD this post wouldn't exist! All the tension has been on Maxine! On Thursday's episode (the episode I have picked for this post) it seems as if she is falling in love with....  And we have been worrying about Sinead and her mums baby! What will happen next..... Quickly watch the episode to recap your memories and then I can begin! Programmes/hollyoaks/4od OMG! (click). But what I'm talking about is Cindy's daughters dress and jacket!

The jacket! New look, £17.99  See...  

The detail of the top of the dress and the lovely worn-out effect jacket is fab!
Now to find the exact same!

The real deal here! asos, (River island brand) £35.00 See.....! 

From Another kinda fashion blogger 


  1. Any idea where to find dianes lace dress from tonights ep? x

  2. No sorry! Also sorry for the late reply, been on holiday ( also known as no internet zone!) send me the link to your blog so I can check it out :)


Thanks bruh... XD

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