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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mallzee your online shopping centre OMG!

I just love Mallzee! Okay maybe thing would be clearer if I explained what Mallzee is! Mallzee is an online shopping centre that is inspired and made around your style and your FAV shops! They have a wide variety of shops to choose from and over 700,000 clothing items just for you! They have shops including Forever 21, Urban outfitters, New look, Super dry and many more! But you're wondering, how do they know what shops or what trends and styles I like? Well by running a few simple and quick test they can offer wide ranges of clothing in one place! But you're not alone! You can ask friends for advice on clothing items and set up polls to ask if that outfit would suit you because I don't care what anyone says, you always need a second opinion while shopping! If you don't have any money spare but don't want to lose that top you REALLY want then you can buy adding it to your wardrobe:
Click the star to add to wardrobe or the other button to ask friends about that HOT dress! 
Dorothy Perkins, £40.50 (

And of course this is all in one place! 

Here is an example of my home page on Mallzee or as I like to call it my shopping centre! 

And I know that internet shopping be really confusing and difficult but with these clear buttons it makes internet shopping 10x easier! Plus if you're a Facebook user you can comment on the dress/clothing item! LOVING this dress! Boohoo, £12.00 (   

Check out there fashion blog:! There are very awesome and AMAZEBOZ especially because they LOVE my blog! 
So no more Westfield no more Blue water..
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. It is extremely unreal but a lot of people are not aware of that how important a merchant account is when starting up a business. Fantastic content! My advice to everybody is to do some shopping around before choosing a merchant and starting your business
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    1. Thank you! Also thank you for the advice! Make sure you have voted on whether your a Sour guy or a Tatty guy! LOL! On the poll above! LOVE the website :)
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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