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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mprint swimwear perfect for the HOT summer OMG!

I have come across the ULTIMATE swimwear brand like ever! They do really fab swimsuits and for good prices to! It's swimsuits at there best really. There simple yet fun with bright colors and cute designs! They do bikini's and we all need a bit of bikini-ness in our lives, don't we!? There swim wear product are £49.01 including bottoms and top :) Here are just some of there AMAZEBOZ swim wear! Plus they are even cooler because they LOVE my blog :)

No more LBD Its LBB! 

Forward loving the pink...

I think this my FAV! 

And this is the cute little turtle on the back of the bottoms! 

Make sure you check out there website to see even MORE bikini of there's! Plus I got a view from Japan today!!! (Sorry but I'm obsessed with Japan!!)

 Here is the link: 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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