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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Interview with Fashion Detective OMG!

Yes I have interviewed famous fashion blogger Johanna Payton, the blogger behind fashion detectives and awesome trend setter. She has featured in many famous magazines like: fabulous, Look, STYLE and been interviewed by BBC1 extra plus ME! So here's the interview hope you enjoy! 
First question: Did you have to get any qualifications to do the job you do and if so what were they? 
 Jo:You don't have to have any specific training to be a freelance journalist but you need some knowledge of your chosen field (that could be anything from fashion to gardening!) and a really good writing style. Some training definitely helps though: I did an English Studies degree at uni, but you can also do journalism degrees or post graduate training and there are journalism colleges where you can do courses too. 
Question 2: What university/college did you go to?  
Jo:University of Huddersfield 
Question 3: Are you your own boss and if not would you like to be and why? 
Jo:Yes I am. I always wanted to be my own boss because I was late for work every day and didn't like having to do the same journey every day. I also wanted to make my own decisions about the kind of work I did and to be able to work around having my own family, which is much easier when you're self employed.  
 Question 4: Did you make your blog because you like it or is it because you liked it and you were/ are getting paid to have it? 
Jo: only started making some money from the blog last year so that's definitely not why I started it. I wasn't writing that much about fashion and that's what I really wanted to write about: the blog helped me to get new contacts in the fashion industry and show new editors and clients that I could write about clothes. It is also TONS of fun to write and although I started off writing once or twice a week, now I update it every day so there is always fresh stuff on there. Now I get a little bit of money through sponsorship and advertising it's a bonus, but definitely not the reason I do it.
Question 5: What made you want to become a journalist and blogger? 
Jo: I've loved writing since primary school and started thinking about becoming a journalist when a teacher suggested it to me at the age of about 10. 
I've been blogging on and off since 2003, right back when it started in the UK, and I really love the freedom to write about anything I choose. When I write for magazines and papers I have to make my writing sound like their style and write about things their readers are interested in - but on the blog the readers like the same things as me (most of the time!) so I can write about all the things I love and feel passionate about (like Topshop!) 
Question 6: Has anyone famous in the fashion industry met you because of your blog and if so who was the most famous and cool!? 
Jo: Hmmm, I've met a few famous people through the blog. Not a fashion industry person as such but I met Lydia from TOWIE when she opened her own boutique - she was really nice. And I once got to go to a Stella McCartney fashion show through the blog (but I didn't meet Stella!) 
 Question 7: Was it hard becoming a journalist? 
Jo: It took a long time to get established as a freelancer and loads of people want to be journalists and are willing to work for free just to get published, so you are always up against lots of competition and have to fight to get paid sometimes.
Question 8: have thought of  becoming an author someday?   
Jo: I've written a health book and that was fun - I would like to write a fiction book, and maybe a fashion book, but it takes a really long time and there's not much money in it (unless you manage to come up with an idea as cool as Twilight!)
Question 9: What is the best bit about your job? 
Jo: I love meeting new people, I enjoy all the variety that my job has - and obviously I love going to cool events like Fashion Week and getting the odd free dress! 
 So there you have an interview with Johanna Payton! If you want to take a looksies at her AMAZEBOZ blog then here's the link: 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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