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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Happy birthday Tallulah OMG!

 Yesterday was my good friend, Tallulah's birthday party and I was very excited about attending! I we had a lot of fun at her house and after stuffing our faces with her dads REALLY and UTTERLY GOOD homemade pizza's we set off to the IMAX in Waterloo, Central London. We watched the Lone ranger and set off to her house at around 9:00pm to enjoy her yummy double choc cake (The same as my bday cake!) and then went home :( I think we all had fun!

 Tallulah was rocking my Graffiti dress that I let her borrow after a small fashion dilemma! Dress: New look, 

New look, £16.99

Yes she wore those AMAZEBOZ Wonder Woman Converse! 
Dress- Primark 
Necklace- Tatty Devine
Watch- New look 
Converse- USA

Tallulah's Summery sandals from Ed
That was the lush skirt (well and top) I was talking about! There  were newly bought at New look in Horsham and I thought yesterday was a perfect day to wear em'! 
Top-New look
Skirt- New look
Cardigan- Generations at New look
Sunglasses- Stolen off my Mum 
Bag- River island
So after you enough of looking at my mainly New look inspired outfit it's time to here a critics judge on Lone Ranger (Lets just say eating the popcorn was my only enjoyment!) 


Lone Ranger you can stay alone!
 Title: Lone Ranger 
Running time: 2hours and 30 minutes
Movie fashion: 1/10 
Overall judgement: 5/10 
I don't really go for the ol' Western type movies especially if there flashback style ones. I felt that Johnny Depp was acting to much like his character from his well known movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. I just didn't really entertain me and I wouldn't watch it again... 
But despite the not so great movie I LOVED the birthday and it was SUPER DUPER fun! Thankz Tally for holding an awesome bday party, the cake was nice and I'm gratefull ( I bet she won't even read this!) 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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  1. You have such a lovely group of friends. She surely looks very cute in that dress and yeah! Thanks for the movie review as well! I was planning to showcase it in one of the Seattle venues for my daughter’s birthday party. I will have to think about something else now.


Thanks bruh... XD

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