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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hollyoaks week 5: Mercedes crop tee and yellow skirt OMG!

Mercedes is in the limelight this week with her fab Yellow maxi skirt, black crop top AND leather jacket. She is getting very suspicious that her soon to be husband (literally soon to be, a couple of days actually...) maybe be cheating which is half correct! and someone, cough, cough Holly called up social services on Sinead!... but you're not reading this to find out about the drama you need to know how to copy Mercedes style, perfectly! Here is her complete outfit!
Don't pay any attention to that nurse... Just the one in the yellow (and black)! I really love the contrast of the neon yellow which stops the outfit from being really dull. 

 Skirt and crop top in detail  


Get this similar version at River island! River island, £25.00 

LOVE IT! Real deal here! New look, and like it says £8.99 

 Next up is her fab Leather jacket with a feature of gold

River island, £55.00 
So this is yet another truly lovely Hollyoaks post featuring Mercedes! I hope this iwill be a fav post of yours since the other post about Mercedes is the Popularist post EVER on this blog! Check it out: 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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