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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hollyoaks Week 6: Maxine's Electric blue dress OMG!

Well things are getting weird in Holly-molly this week! It's seems as though Maxine and her boyfriend (cough cough he is old!) are in a bit of a muddle as he was getting a bit angry with her and was hurting her *GASP*, shocking right! Plus these two (the people in the pic above!) are falling in love! What bad timing that Nancy came back just as they were showing and sharing/admitting there feeling for each other. Shame really.. Phoebe is falling in love and Clare's back! DRAMA!!! Maxine is being EXTRA fab in this post with her electric blue dress and FAB flare jacket! Watch the episode (Friday 21st June )

Blue bodycon with lovely black jacket! 

And you can see blue triangular arrows around the belly area of the dress, right Maxine! 

I searched high and low for this fab dress and ASOS guided me to this.... 
Perfect! Just the right shade of elecy blue! ASOS, £28.00 

I found this lovely jacket also at ASOS. ASOS, £35.00 £24.50  

And I know she didn't wear these but she so should of! 
Sour cherry, £6.65 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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