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Friday, 27 September 2013

Shopcade are just, like awesome OMG!

Hello ladies! Welcome to my glorious blog (for the newcomers!)  and for those who are staying up after bedtime, very naughty indeed my #ForeverFashionistas but who wouldn't be naughty for the enjoyment of reading my blog.. Anyway! An amazing and fab company known as Shopcade sponsor me and are lovers of this blog. There website is great and a mixture of Fashiolista and Mallzee! It's a website designed for you to have all of your fave shops including: ASOS, Urban outfitters, Free people and Missguided Its perfect for those quick buys! You get points for liking things, new followers and following people! The points add up  and can be worth real money to shop with and best of all free stuff! You can make folders to organise what clothes go where. You have feed, profile, Trending section and so many things to do on there! I love it its just amazing! Check it out: omg...shopcade 
 But there is a main thing I want to talk about guys!! It's there amazing competition with ASOS for the chance of you guys to win £150.00 voucher to spend at fashion heaven (Asos!)

Hurry finishes in 2 days and you need a Shopcade account to enter! So below is a list just in case you win on what to buy. But i found some stuff for under £10.00 because the wiser you spend your wonga (Its cash) the more clothes you will get out of it!!!


AX Paris@ ASOS, £9.00

Crop tops can be worn all year round! Summer= no vest underneath Winter= Vest/top underneath! £9.00

Leggings, £6.00? NO WAY!
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. that t-shirt is so cute
    rachel @

  2. I think we all need that necklace! To Racheloo: What one? Well all of them are actually!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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