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Saturday, 4 May 2013

I'm back OMG!, £89.99  

Hi!!! I missed you guys so much! My Holiday was very fun and the sights I saw were amazing (there were no shops but never mind!)! We done zip wiring, Rock climbing, Archery, survival course (we made bread!) and on the last day we went on a 3 hour walk, not that hard for me as I am used to walking around shopping centers for about 5 hours! Here are some pics from my holiday! 
I finally found and got my camera to work so now most of the time you can enjoy good, clear, 16 megapixels with 5x optical zoom pics! 

  Lily, the one with the Wonder woman Converse (See her converse on this blog: Red nose day OMG! post) were matching with our Burgundy Converse!  

This was taken from inside the coach  

The woods also taken off a moving coach, I think I did quite well! 

What a view! 

 This was us making, well toasting our bread, old fashion style!

and......this is the camp we made! I'm glad we didn't have to sleep in it!  

I came back just in time for.... my Avon order!!!! Of course I ordered nail polish (I'm obsessed!) and these were the to colours I ordered at £1.50 each on sale!  
 The boxes, SNAZZY! 

The colours! The red (Velour) is a texture effect and is meant to look like velvet! The other is a pastel blue (Mint ice), 1.50 each, Avon  but I'm gonna use.... 

 The pastel and the sparkly! Claires accessories, in a set from like FOREVER ago! LOL! 
I put 2 coats of the Avon nail polish for a strong colour then a layer of the nail gloss with silver sparkles in and came out with this!

A bit messy! This was my left hand so I had to do it with my right! P.S I'm left handed :) !


So after the nails there's just one more thing! FLORAL and FESTIVAL! That is the trend so get with it! 
(from urban 

Don't you just love the floral print! Dr.Martins, Office, £95.00  

 New look, £24.99, £55.00 
 Office, (Dr.Martins), £70.99
New look, £19.99 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x


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  2. Thankz so much! You should make some for other people too!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


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