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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Summer OMG!

*The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tom-* Wait a minute thats a sad song! We should be celebrating that there is actually sun in Britain! Today when I was coming home from school It felt like it was about 30 celsius but it was really, only 19! That shows how long its been cold over here! I mean about 2-3 weeks ago it was snowing, heavily! And now look people are starting to.. dare I say it NOT wear a coat!  So I thought I would do a summer-like post because it's hot here and hopefully where you are too!
And a perfect way to to start a summer-like post is to show you these AWESOME rainbow, aztec sunglasses, £7.00, Claire's accessories 

I love this floral crop top! £45.00, Dahlia  

A pastel perfection ( I know I can do alliteration!) from Forever21! Just £1.50 
PAULS BOUTIQUE!!! His bag are fab. There! Topshop, £58.00 Perfect for when you're at a beach! 

What sort of summer post would this be if I didn't include a maxi, huh!?! Forever 21, £16.70 

I love this other floral print from! Dahlia, £45.00 
This bikini is lovely! Top £9.99 Bottom £7.99 from H&M
Lovely dress from Chi Chi is only £15.99 in the sale! I just love the shade of blue

I promise this is the last thing from Forever 21! £18.75 

And lastly..... 

The life saver! Superdrugs, £7.48 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. hi thanks for this post! i love it! mind checking my blog out and following me back? thanks!! :)

  2. Hi! Thankz for loving this post! Just about th check out your blog, I will leave a comment to prove I have had a looksies! Feel free to email me and we could help each other out with our blogs!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


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