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Friday, 19 April 2013

Chi Chi OMG!

Chi Chi, a lovely company that sells just.... DRESSES!!! Woohoo! But you must know the truth! I am doing this post to enter a lovely competition that is being held at E-tail! The competition is a chance to win a £200 voucher at You can enter to, just go on there blog right here! So I thought since its spring (yes I know yesterday I didn't think it was spring yesterday with all that rain!!) But thats not all! I will also show you some fab clothes from an AWESOME shop called Mee Mee!  So lets begin, Chi Chi here we come!!!

I LOVE the lace on this dress and it seems so multi-dressable dress! You could wear it at dinner party or a nice cuppa at your fashionista friends house ( okay I get this is a bit extreme for a cuppa!) this is selling for £16.99 in the SALE!
This lovely dress was in the sale for JUST £24.99
I think this is my absolute fav! I love how its simple yet fab! And only £47.99! It is now... 

Bandage dresses are always gonna be in!! £129.99
.........LOVE YOU........ did I jsut say that to a dress out loud!

Now for! 
These shoes are punky and stylish and the shape is weird, creative and unique! £24.99

Again click here if you want to take a looksies at Chi Chi here: Chi Chi clothes! CLICK! but there is just one more thing! NAILS! 
As you can see I have painted my nails silver with a gold, sparkly nail dust! 
Using: GOSH silver nail polish and unknown nail dust stolen from my mums nail art supply in the from the bathroom (shoosh don't tell my mum!!) Hope you enjoyed this lovely post! 

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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