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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I want #1 OMG!

Every Tuesday make sure you check this blog out because there will be a new "I want" post which includes awesome stuff that I and you ALL want! So before I have done wishlist but I realised I don't really do a lot like this so I thought it would be cool for there to be something that would be a definite every week as, whenever I tried to do a "every week" type of post it just kinda fails....Remember the Hollyoaks fashion and Weekly fashionista. Let's just say they didn't end well! But don't worry this will always be here. :D 
So do you like this weeks selection? 

Some things that you may recognise are the are the Barry M Matte nail polish in Nude because first it just looked awesome and then when I saw my friend in it I knew it was just for me! It was a sign! 
(The top to my friends AWESOME bag)

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