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Friday, 11 April 2014

American Apparel wishlist OMG!

Yesterday I went on an adventure! And basically, me and my friend ended up in Camden. So we were walking and we found some shops. Basically, all the shops were like too poor to shop in! American Apparel, Urban outfitters and Rokit. Well there's also a H&M and it was so hard to look at their new spring range and not be able to buy anything :'(  BUT we did grab loads of clothes in all the shop's and try on like 10 outfits! Isn't that what Easter holidays are for? So anyway since we only had about £3 to both of our names we sadly, couldn't get anything. The shop was great though! And we did have a look at Camden market which was amazing and had SO many cool clothes you could not find anywhere else. I need to go back.
So since American Apparel is awesome, but a bit pricey I thought I would just make a wish list because their stuff because it's amazing and I want everything!!!

Their jeans are meant to be the best there is...
I just love high waisted jeans/shorts. There flattering, there is no worry of having a muffin belly (It happens to all of us!) and it means you wear crop tops without showing skin or like only a little bit instead of your WHOLE tummy. So I found these ones on American Apparel and there one sale and I really like them...
Someone buy them for me! 
£33.50 WAS £75

Next are these amazing Mum jeans. I still need some Mom jeans so these may just be mine (hah I wish!) 

You know me and pastels... And it's a bomber! 

Iv'e been wanting one of these jackets for AGES now. I did see one in Rokit that looked a little like this and was a little cheaper at £75 but this is just amazing! 

It's acid wash. It was made for me! 

Don't worry, it's vegan :) 

Other bits.
I just love white shoes! And since I have a black pair, I need  a white pair. 


Can you see why I love American Apparel now?



    1. Hah! There awesome ♥♥♥
      Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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