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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Topshop X Adidas OMG!

Have you heard the word? This may be a better collaboration than Rihanna and River island. The amazing Topshop and Adidas have collaborated to make a spring range that floral perfect! I think their range is just amazing. Who said you can't be sporty and fashionable? Topshop have made it clear because there collaboration is just FABULOUS! As Adidas are the king of gym and sportswear (they left the shoe department to Nike) it was a MUST for these to companies to collide.
 Adidas range on their website:
Topshop range on their website:

Check my fix of Topshop X Adidas collection:

Topshop, £50

 LOVE this jacket! Topshop, £70

Over sized jumper are the best! 
Adidas, £50

Topshop, £50 

Adidas, £50 

Perfect for showing off at the gym... 
Adidas, £90 

Topshop, £50 

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