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Thursday, 1 January 2015

What I got for Christmas 2014!

Sorry for the late uploading but this is my Christmas haul! I love reading and watching peoples "What I got for Christmas" hauls because it's just fun to see what people get to be honest. I hope no one sees this a brag post as it not of course, I just really wanted to show you guys my things. Hope you guys had an AWESOME Christmas! Mine was great. If you have any post about what you got then comment links below because I love to read/watch these things. Hauls are my favourite types of post! Hope you enjoy them too. Sorry guys for the fact that I haven't been in the festive spirit as I haven't been posting as often as I used to. School has ruined me as a blogger! So lets start with my festive haul then ;) Happy new year folks, swag on into 2015!

Image from Google Images
  I got the awesome Beats by Dre Pill from my amazing brother! The sound quality is really good and I love it. Now I can feel like I'm in the blurred lines video whenever I turn it on (not sure if that's a good thing thought...)! 
Beats by Dre Pill, Available in many stores e.g Amazon, Selfridges, John Lewis
 Got the awesome and AMAZING Sims 4 from my Dad and I'm obsessed. I have been a simmer since a young age and enjoyed Sims 2 a lot. Then I had a little Sims break as I was getting to attached! But it wasn't until I was 10-11 when I found love with Sims after going to my friends house nearly everyday after school just to play it together. Such fun! Looking back it sound hilarious! So I got Sims 3 for my own and played it  A LOT. When Sims 4 came out it was going straight on my Christmas list and my Dad was amazing and got my the Premium edition which comes with some bonus content :)))
Sims 4, Amazon 
I got these two nail art pens. I can't wait to attempt nail art with these!
Nail art pen, Primark  
I got this really cute earring set, the bunnies are my fave! 
 Earring set, Avon 
 I'm in love with this mini satchel. I was in need of another side bag that wasn't just black. 
Side bag, Dorothy Perkins
My awesome cousin got me a selfie stick which I'm in love with. It's amazing guys! And if it can fit my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note) it can fit any! Would really recommend but I have no idea where it's from :(
 I got this necklace for my Mum
Necklace, Avon
When I first saw these being advertised on TV I thought they were so cool as no nail glue and fiddling about is involved! They have a sticky side which you peel plastic off of then simply stick on your nails and can last up to a week! 
ImPress nails, Superdrugs
I got this really nice face mask from Planet Spa and I can't wait to use it. 
Planet Spa Face Mask, Avon 
 I have this lovely matte dark berry lipstick which I love! I was on the hunt for a really nice dark berry and it seems my Mum found it for me, as you can see I have already used it.
Matte lipstick, Avon
This is, no doubt one of my favourites! I have a little obsession with Hello Kitty and when I saw this in my stocking I literally died (kinda.) It is just so awesome! The quality of the polish is very good and I'm love with the colour. 
Hello Kitty Nail Polish, TK. MAXX  
I love this bag so much, you don't understand! 
Hello Kitty 
I got these cute glitter socks by Converse which are specially made to wear with Converse!
Ciate nail polishes are the cutest! They are really sweet looking I always thought and I wanted
 a bottle but couldn't bring my self to spend so much on one bottle of nail polish when MUA done the exact same shade for a £1. But I opened this with joy as now I have 5 cute mini bottles of this amazing nail polish brand which I have high expectations for!
Ciate, TK.MAXX
I got this lovely and really pretty bath bomb in my stocking from good ol' Santa! He done well this year actually! I lobe the colour and the packaging and everything about this bath bomb, it's to cute to use
 Bath Bomb, ???
I got these on Christmas evening as I didn't realise they were a present! My mum had but them inside a transparent bauble which I think you normally but sweet in or something but my mum had put on of my presents in there which was in a box shaped like a mini Christmas cracker. It was soo cute and I took it out saying "ooh Mum lets do this cracker" and actually went to pull it when she said "Chloe, it's not a cracker, it's a present for you!" Super cute and I'm going to keep that box forever! 
 I got a pack of 3 Nike socks. Sorry I used the others haha but they came in black and grey.
Nike socks, JD Sports
 I now own the best movie ever. Sorry for lighting being a bit messed up, I had to use flash on my camera and it kept reflecting on the clear wrap of the movie.
Frozen, HMV
I'm so happy with this gift :)  I finally have my hands on a Polaroid style camera in my requested colour! I'm so happy with everything about this camera and I also got 20 shot (2 packs of 10) to go with it. I already started to decorate it with some of the stickers I also got for Christmas! I'm really happy with the quality of the camera and just everything! The only down side of the perf camera is that the price of the film is overly priced, working out to be about a pound per pic when buying the standard pack of shots which is ridiculous considering the size of the image. Alas I knew this and don't mind splurging on film if it means I have this cute camera in my life :)
The photo is of my beautiful n' cute cat Harriet.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 in yellow, Amazon
My mum got me really cute stickers which I love! Sorry for not being able to show you the full packs of them, I used them before taking photos.
Novelty stickers, Paperchase
 I got this super cute bear beanie!
 Beanie, Dorothy Perkins
 I just love this black top. It super flattering, lovely neck line and I love the fabric. I don't know how to describe it but it's not cotton! It's also longer and the back and over all an amazing tee.
 I got a Kanken bag and I'm seriously in love. I have been wearing it everywhere, even when it's pratically empty!
Fjallraven Kanken Backpack, Amazon

Lastly got this amazing fluffy jumper which one of my favourites from all my gifts! It's SUPER WARM and really comfortable I could live in it forever. It's long and is a spandex-ish kind of material so it "hugs" on to in the most flattering way possible. The bead detailing on the shoulder is the icing on the cake!
Fluffy Jumper, Bank
Technically this is not a gift as I haven't got it yet... But with my Christmas money I have collected from relatives I'm buying these babies, Adidas superstar 2 shoes in white and sparkly amazing-ness. I can't wait to order them and I am sooooo super excited to have these and wear them everywhere.
Adidas superstar 2 shoes, eBay
Merry Christmas and A  HAPPY NEW YEAR! #Firstpostof2015!

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