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Monday, 12 January 2015

Things I didn't get for Christmas wishlist

Christmas seems like the distant past now. Even though it was only about two weeks ago it feels like where in a random day in March or something. I'm not sure about you but I still crave a lot of stuff even when Christmas is gone and since my birthday isn't until the Summer it seems as though I will have to get the thing I want myself. Bummer I know but with a little saving up here and there I think I can achieve my goal of getting these certain items I want! So far I have £10 to my name and probably some change left over in purse from my lunch money! Slowly but surely I will get them.... I currently have the 3 things I really want opened on tabs and I do the odd refresh to check if they have sold out or gone down in price (which they never have). It's kinda like a obsession. The sad thing is one of the things I really wanted went UP in price :( The beloved pink Kanken which went up to its original price of £65. I think it will just have to wait until my birthday!

Firstly on the top of my list it is this:
The simple adidas track top which I have wanted for quite some time.
adidas, £50
I think I'm a little hooked on adidas and these shoes!
adidas Superstar Shoe,  £66.99, Footasylum
 I wasn't a massive fan of the American Apparel ridding pant when I first saw it but now I have seen other people wearing it I actually really like them now, not to mention they are £10 less then the disco pant! 
American Apparel, £64
I'm in love with these shoes! I first saw them on Instgram and knew they where the next shoe for me! Love them and super affordable to at under £60! I read up about them and people have had this shoe for a decade or more and they are apparently really durable and comftable.
Reebok leather classics, £55, Reebok
I found this awesome site after they commented on my Instagram post  and realised how cool they are. They sell vintage clothing (mostly jackets) and they are very affordable too! I have been seeing people in these 80s-vibe jackets recently and had to get my hands one. I may buy this item first as it's the cheapest item from this wishlist! 
Puma @ VL-CL, £27.99 
Finally these basic black and white shoes (I need atleast one pair of shoes I don't mind getting dirty!) which look pretty swaggy. Vans are great brand of shoes as they are very comfy, have good grip and are very durable also! 
Vans Old Skool, £51.99, Footasylum

Overall I need to save up a total of: £315.97
Anyone want to donate any cash???

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