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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

You saw it here first OMG!

You guys know what I'm talking about! About the amazing Motel skirt found at Topshop that was seen here first! And suddenly it has been in all the magz including Now and some celebs are wearing it including Ciara who was rocking it out in the pencil skirt and matching bodysuit, both sold out at Topshop :( So if you think I am only talking about it because some celeb was wearing it first then truly and seriously be quite (Trying to be a bit more polite than Selena!)

Ciara is really rocking it out with this Motel inspired outfit! Skirt, Topshop £28.00
 Bodysuit, Topshop, ??

Check out the skirt: 

Topshop, £28.00 Check out it being here originally in this post!  
But sadly its sold out with the bodysuit going down with it so check out these pencil beauty! 


*Both £28.00 from Topshop*
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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