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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

OMG 10,000 views OMG!

Get ready for the most soppy-est speech of your life! I have had a total of more 10,000 views on my blog and I am VERY  happy! It was only in April that I hit my 1,000 view milestone and back in March when I got 100, yes a tiny winy number of readers viewing my blog. I think my post have improved over the time (couple of months!) I have had it. Check out the first ever post and see if you think my writting has improved or got any better. I have covered all this Summer/Spring trends from Floral to Aztec (and back again), some Converse post have come and gone, we have said a (brief) hello to Hollyoaks weekly finds and goodbyes. Make-up reviews, Latest trends,  jewelry post's and features with the lovely companies such as Mallzee, Oasap and the FAB Mprint swimwear. We have had comps and romps bout the best brands in Jewelry, ol' Tatty Devine and Fun, sassy Sour cherry (Woo go Sour girls!) a few mention of AX Paris and and some (A LOT) LOVED clothes from Boohoo and New look! Hopefully I kept you guys hooked throughout the way and you loved every single post! But beside the post's and there FAB content I have to go on to say how support has helped my through the way and the I have to thank are bloggers and family member such as: Mum n' Dad (and my other loved family members) The Girl with the BC's, Amy Gibbs from...., CaroliNerd and other blogger I have met via IFB and Twitter and don't forget Bloglovin, Polyvore and Fashiolista!

But you guys are DEFO the most important and have helped me the most over the way! Special thankz to the countries that love me best (in order): UK, America, Russia, Germany, France, China, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria and last but not least Ireland.  Thank you to the many other countries that have viewed my blog like Cambodia (they viewed today) and Brazil (this week) Thankz guys and I LOVE ya! Now I think I deserve 
a lil Tatty Devine goodness:
Every girl deserves a Unicorn necklace, right? Tatty Devine, £20.00

Perfect and vibrant just enough to make Summer last forever! Tatty Devine, £35.00 £18.00

And as always....

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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