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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Romwe good enough to eat, YUM OMG!

Converse @ Office, £51.99 is an amazing website especially because of there Pikachu range exhibit A below don't forget B!
Romwe, £17.96  

Romwe, £16.11
And even though those awesome candy coloured Converse are not from Romwe I needed to include them especially because, well I think you guys no why! We all need some very sweet stuff after this years hot summer has made us ditch are Oreo infused bodies for asparagus and lime (barely) filled ones, bring back your sweet tooth ladies! And because Autumn is on its way.. I know, I know if you're like me you really don't want leaves falling on your local pavements you are dreading this season. But Summer has got to end... and on that VERY sad note lets redeem are joy that we had before reading this and look at Candy inspired clothes! 
Romwe, £20.14 

Romwe, £18.72

Romwe, £12.75
New look, £7.00 ( You know me and Coca cola!) 
OASAP, £17.24
Romwe, £7.82


A reminder summer is still here! Romwe, £18.83

Romwe, £19.96 
Satisfying? Hope so I feel full! I'm full with melting ice cream made of nylon leggings and cotton Oreo's 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. there are amazing things, i love romwe!!


    1. Me too! I LOVE the ice cream leggings
      From Another kibda fashion blogger x

  2. romwe items are awesome! <3
    Maybe you want to join my giveaway Have a check and win awesome clothes. :)

    .never settle for less.

    1. I know! love the blog!
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. Dreamcoo and romwe both are a good website


Thanks bruh... XD

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