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Friday, 1 August 2014

*Hannah makes things haul

The lovely Hannah from Hannah makes things gave me all these amazing goodies! I actually just asked for the amazing sunglasses and the big moon earrings which I think are so lovely and she surprised me with the other items. Isn't she awesome! I found Hannah makes things a little while back and just knew as soon as I saw her products I wanted to work with her. She makes really fun and quirky products from Chokers to baby grows to bindis! Check her out and follow her on Twitter and Facebook. What's your favourite piece? The camera necklace is super cute and I love all of the earrings. I actually wore the sunglasses on Wednesday but just on top of my head as I'm trying to decide if they suit my face or not!
Sorry I couldn't find a link for the other items sadly :(
Check out my wish list of items from her website I know you guys will love!

I need this set of four awesome friendship bracelets. I'm really into these kind of bracelets as they look really festival like! 
These are to cool! I would wear these all the time, what can I say, I'm a mouse! 
Love me some cheese! 
You know me and chokers! 
Who doesn't love unicorns? I think these look really old fashioned and vintage and remind me of the horses on carasoulles 

I don't think I'm cool enough to pull this off but I still love it! I think it's awesome but quite hard to style although I would probably throw it on with everything and look ridiculous! 
Lastly, this amazing cake ring need to me be on my finger! If I got this as an engagement ring I would be happy! 
Make sure you check out her store! Hannah makes

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