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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cropped or fluffy OMG!

This skirt will make sense in due time.. 
There's a time in life where you ask yourself, Fluffy or cropped? Yes. This is the question philosophers can't solve themselves. The question of life! So have you asked yourself what you want? You can only have one.... So again will it be a fluffy jumper or Cropped one?! Although Santa's and his reindeer's are riding on there red slay to a CITY near you for xmas so you never know.... You could have, yes BOTH! OMG, praise the fashion lord. But just incase santa hasn't got that much to spend on us ladies this year (Our wish list are pretty long and you know it) we just need to stick to one side. It's gonna be tough!

I don't think there is really anything to say except.... Fluffy jumpers are A-M-A-Z-E-B-O-Z.
River island, £45

(Ahhhhh) ASOS, £35
Topshop, £82 
SUPER-MEGA fluffy! ASOS, £37.40 

Boohoo, £20 

Okay so one of you out there are probably sitting here like: Um this blogger be cray! It's Winter not summer so why are we gonna were crop tops. Well I have something to say to that person and it's this: Shut up! My 2 FAV Winter wardrobe must haves our a crop tee and a boyfriend coat. I think crop tops our actually the best for winter anyway as you can just rip out your summer crop and dash on a black vest underneath (Long sleeved tee for us English-men)  

ASOS, £45 
Topshop,£45 (Fluffy and cropped)
ASOS, £25 GOSH I want the skirt too! Maybe I can have it...

River island £15
So what did you pick? 
P.S The amazing ladies who loved the PVC, shiny skirt check it out a Lavish Alice
Really need a post on these skirts!
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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