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Monday, 6 January 2014

Cotton&Gems jewelry made for partying OMG!

We all know that you HAVE to wear a killer outfit (preferably a dress) for a proper night out. Yes, I mean partying! But if your fun "Only wear when I'm night-clubbing" dress is in the wash and your best dress got a bit tight over Christmas (Don't worry it happened to all of us...) then you need either awesome shoes or awesome jewelry. Now if you have those Taylor says shoes already in the cupboard then what else do you need to liven up that boring frock? That's right, coo jewelry! And guess who's gonna help ya!? Cotton and Gems. There a leading jewelry shop that stock only the finest of jewelry. From your diamonds to your studs they've got you covered! And with there humongous sale and FREE DELIVERY in the UK going on you would be CRAY not to shop there! I have put together some show stopper jewelry from the best jewelry shop going so your fashion need will be filled. Now lets getting shopping, I mean looking!  

1-Cotton&Gems, £30 
2-Cotton&Gems, £95
3-Cotton&Gems, £30
4-Cotton&Gems, £230
5-Cotton&Gems, £120
6-Cotton&Gems, £44 (SALE)
7-Cotton&Gems, £45 (SALE)
8-Cotton&Gems, £40 (SALE)

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