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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Cold time, *OnePiece time OMG!

Christmas came early this year. Because OnePiece have kindly offered me a deal of 100% off of there amazing and quality clothing. They emailed me saying they love my website, (who wouldn't!) the Lipsy post and thought a review from me was in order! But guys, guess what? It's not just a win win for me. No, no! They have gone add gotten you guys a 20% of throughout there website (Even the doggy range!) With this code:

31ANOTHERKINDAFASHIONBLOG (Type in when at checkout)
You could always get your bestie a Onepiece prezzie they WILL remember! As I post I am wearing this warm and enticing onesie that hugs my skin with it's warmth (Yes it's so good It's making me poetic!) It arrived today and I jumped in the sky (seriously) I just couldn't wait to slip it on and lay around in it! so I have. Check it out: 

 Yes It comes in a snazzy bag, get me (well them)! 

Sorry for the blur of the image.... 

And I present.....  
The one

I behold the amazing and the one (see what I did there, hehe) OnePiece onesie 

The photo shoot
Heavenly right?

Even though this amazing onesie is a bit out of my price range (selling at £143) I really do think it's worth it. I just really love the feel of it. The inside is lined with (faux) fur which keeps you VERY cosy, especially for the upcoming freezing, British whether coming through. The cotton on the outside is also very soft and the four pockets add a special touch. The pockets around the thigh are zipped and you have some nice "Have to be there or it feels weird!" pockets that, are also lined with the fluffy fur! I feel so cosy in this and I really feel it's worth the money it is! I could wear this anywhere and feel like I'm at home and the leather zig, zag patters really make a festive aroma wherever I go. Christmas just got more stylish!
I truly recommend this company as I think there AMAZING and great to work with! You never know what you can get with your 20% discount. Go on, get shopping!
AKFB'S fav bits: 
OnePiece, WAS £59 NOW £30

Panel leggings are the trousers of the future and the leggings of today: OnePiece, £39

OnePiece, £109 Check out there story

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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