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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Boohoo's £5 and under OMG!

 I think were all waiting for the Christmas jumpers to arrive at In the style ladies! Since Christmas is approaching and we all try and grab any types of deals we can before the big day! And I found a place where everyone can get amazing (and still on trend believe it or not) clothes for, yes that's right; £5 and under!!!! I mean I already think Boohoo's prices are reasonable enough but now I have NO complaints. Are you ready for some vintage magic and Metallic wonders:

Thi is the vintage magic I was talking about! I love how this could be a top or a jacket and the embriodary on the back is lovely. For £5 who could disagree! Boohoo, £5 

 And for another £5 you can get your hands on this jacket, wowza! Boohoo, £5

This amazing, studded, metallic mini skirt would defo create a conversation, ANYWHERE
Boohoo, £5

................amazing: Boohoo, £5 

It is xmas, £3 (boohoo)
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. OMG! No way! I can't believe it's just £5 :) but LOL that last crop top is amazing :P imagine wearing it in the snow :D
    Check out my blog:
    The girl with the BC's x

  2. I know! I seriously think I might get the denim jacket/top though! It's amazeboz! Yeah, lol. Hope you checked out the discount code for Onepiece on the sidebar x
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

    1. Oooh! Get you :P It is really nice though! Might have to borrow it of you... LOL! Will do :)

  3. Wow! £5?!?! hey, i think theres a jacket like the 3rd on in the movie LOL!
    Like movies? Check out my blog


Thanks bruh... XD

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