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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The weeks fashionista: Singing through OMG!

She's back again! And this time she is more than ready to show you her amazing style! But first I have some exciting news! Another kinda fashion blogger is now on Look! Woo! You can now check out my latest styles and awesome outfits that you have been DIEING to see. Some of my looks are from the summer or previous outings that might not of been shown on my blog. So look out for the Look book badge on the side of my blog. Don't forget to add me and hype my outfit! Your probably bursting with excitement about who this weeks #ForeverFashionista is after the coolest gal ever was last weeks one... She can sing, Her hair is AMAZEBOZ and she loves her Leather, of course it's

It's the amazing Tamera Fosters from The X factor UK, the gal who should win (well I'm caught between her and Rough copy). I mean I don't even think she has had any fashion flaw (that a first!) so she is defo worthy of the weekly fashionista crown, right? She's a great singer AND has a great fashion sense. What?!


Her style is all about wedges, leather pants and split-maxi skirts. Which means..... You need to have goods legs. Okay, I'm just putting it out there guys. Time to tone up before you Tamera up (Okay sorry that was a bad attempt at funny) Get your American express black cards out ladies:

Lets get some!
Leather look
Forever 21, £22.75

River island, £25 

Boohoo, £12 (we all need a wrap skort)

AX Paris, £25

Boohoo, £18 (gorge) the skirt gals

There some killers... 
River island, £38

Yayer, £45 

Nike @ Very, £70

£39.99 (Very elegant but with the right shoes could make an outfit look VERY edgy!)  

Already edgy. H&M, £34.99 

Them sparkles
 Missguided, £17.49 
FUN FACT: Missguided has NEXT DAY delivery to the Uk for £1

This is so glamourus! Boohoo Boutique, £50 
Topshop, £40

Missguided, £22

My fav, AX Paris, £55

Jumpers/Beanies n' stuff
River island, £40
Topshop, £40 and finally the beanie that cheap and stunning:
New look, £4.99
So I went a BIT overboard but who couldn't when Tamera are there muse...
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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