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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sorry for the absence: Life update

Photo credit to the amazing Amy Gibbs! I obviously edited :) 
It's been exactly 2 weeks since I have posted and I feel horrible! My computer has been strucks with a disgusting virus that has really messed it up so my dad is currently fixing it but It is taking a long time. I just couldn't take it any longer so I'm deciding to be brave and post on my phone which is still really hard! This is the longest I haven't posted and I really hope you guys forgive moi for being the worst blogger alive! So this post is a bit of a chatty post, hope you don't mind. I wanted to just update you guys on what's going on as a lot has! So I recently got Depop and I absolutely love it! Depop is an app available on both the Apple App store and Google play store where you can sell your un wanted things with just a couple clicks. I wasn't to sure on getting it at first because I was concerned it would cost to much to deliver the items I was selling and it was a lot of hassle but it really isn't! I would really recommend the app as its just a really cool way to sell your things and make a lil cash! The app is also free. Check out the widget for Depop on the sidebar of my blog and Check out my account.

Other is news is that I recently made Instagram which is awesome! I did make more as a personal account then a proffesional one but I decided to merge it together by making sure to share my username with you guys! Follow me at: chloe.monrose as I think its a good way for you guys to check out what I'm up to even if I don't post about it. Comment below your usernames and I'll be sure to follow! Look out for an Instagram widget soon.

I will try to post again this week but they probably won't be trend style posts as it gets complicated when you do post like that on your phone (I always get the prices confused since I can't rename the pictures on my phone) so until I get my laptop back I can finally post another CO (Current Obsession) post as I have the next three practically planned! Its been so horrible not being able to post on here and so horrible not having my baby.  Lets hope good old Lappy-top get better (I mean fixed....) soon! Although good news is there will be a haul post this week for you guys. I haven't actually bought the stuff yet but I'm planning to!

Again I'm super sorry for being away for soooo loooonnnnggg and not taking advantage of the fact I don't have school and have extra time so when I do get my laptop back I will try to post everyday as a huge apology!  Thanks for sticking around my forever fashionista's ;)

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