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Monday, 18 August 2014

The Kanken bags

I guess you could call this a sort of "Back to school post" but Kanken's aren't for just students, there for EVERYONE!  I have to admit I only just heard about the Kanken rucksack a couple weeks ago as my friend bought one to use as a school bag. When she first showed me them I was like "hmmm" and I wasn't to sure If I was keen on them but ever since I have been seeing so much of them and they look hella a lot better in real life! They are so pretty and lovely in any colour. I think they just look really cool and the straps and shape makes It so unique compared to another school bag. They are on the pricey side (although this Is because of there long lasting guarantee) I believe you can get cheaper ones from eBay and probably Depop too!  Recently I have seen them everywhere and my Instagram dash is full of em'! What do you think of the bags so far?

I'm in love with this sunshine yellow! 
Size?, £65
I'm all about those bright colours!  
Size?, £65

*All of the above €64.75, Fjallraven
Are you loving the Kanken's?

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