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Monday, 25 February 2013

Welcome all fashionista's!

File:Lakeside Shopping Centre eastern entrance.JPG
 My First Post, OMG!
Hi, this is my first post and I am very excited I have a lot to talk about! Lakeside shopping centre, an amazing an huge place to be and I'm talking big, it has a 3 floor Primark and a massive Forever 21! Of course any fashionista needs to go there so of course i did; I mean its no Westfield but its better than The Glades if you get my drift! At first I wasn't so sure about it, when I first glanced at the shopping centre it look old and very small but boy was I mistaken! It must be some sort of tardes! On the inside it was modern and huge! They also clearly had good planning skills I mean what genius puts Topshop and Forever 21 opposite each other, a good and very smart one! They also have a lot of sweet shops in there even American and don't forget about the all-time classics like Millie's cookies and Krispy Kremes. It is a wonderful shopping centre! But there is also something else I must discuss....... FEBRUARY SALES!!!!!!!!! forget about January sales it's all about the February ones instead! I didn't really find and get any good stuff from the January sales but I did from this months one! As  i walked through the modern Lakeside my eyes focused on the shop windows which wrote "Everything must go!" and it did as soon as my got my hands on the shop door! Look for your self at the website : 

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