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Sunday, 30 November 2014

This is awkward

I am so sorry! I know I always blaming it on school but that's my best excuse! I haven't posted in more than a month and have missed a lot of things. Atleast I haven't missed Christmas I guess! Hope you guys had an awesome black Friday and got loads of awesome clothes at low prices. Hope your Halloween was great if you can remember how it went, mine was fun. Soon it will be Christmas and we can take a bit of choccy from our advent calenders and start planning our Christmas shopping spree (mines next week). Speaking of Christmas were approaching Christmas Jumper Day! A day when it's acceptable to wear the cheesiest, "Press for Santa to sing a jingle" Christmas jumpers. It doesn't matter if your Gran knitted it or you ordered it off of a Christmas novelty store, take it out of your wardrobe and style it up for work or school. And if you don't have a Christmas jumper or seriously can't find one that goes with your style... then stick on some tinsel and you are ready to go! Make sure your ready as it's on Friday 12th December. Check out the website for more details about the cause and charity.

 Check out these Christmas cosies and listen for up for a Christmas song at the end of each post until the big day it's self! Just to get you in that festive mood.
Boohoo, £20
 Boohoo £15
New look, £17

Urban Outfitters, £42 
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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