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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lazy Oaf X Garfield OMG!

Ahh, don't you just love Lazy Oaf? I mean I was a big fan before they gave their site a make-over but now it's like: "Wow they are so awesome!" Lazy Oaf have been on here before if you can remember. Yep, when I first found out about them I just had to post about them. This back in January, wow. When I saw their SS14 collection I loved them even more! They are just so cool and no other shop does anything like they do. I mean where you could you find a tie-dye, Garfield dress? I think their clothes and bags and accessories are just too cool! If I was rich (which I'm not, sadly) I would actually buy like everything on their site. Even the men stuff. Yep. Have you not seen their jumpers for men!?! So yeah you probably guessed by now I love them. And then they done a collaboration like no other.... With Garfield! So this is my cut from their collaboration with the best kitty on earth (well after my cats)

 Lazy Oaf, £55
Lazy Oaf, £38
 So, what do you think of good ol' Lazy?

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