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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I want #6 OMG!

It's the time of week again. This week includes some awesome stuff. Including this really cool flatform pumps which I love! As you know I went shopping this weekend and even though I got great stuff and I'm happy with it something was missing. Something was missing! It was these pumps! I saw them staring at me! Aren't they amazing??? I could wear them with basically EVERYTHING! I love the paisley print and even though it is what you would call "Last season" (Well  2 seasons ago) because you know, paisley was all the rage in Autumn but these are just lush. Monochrome is like a permanent trend so I can't find a flaw in them! I'm so upset I couldn't buy them because my feet just have to be big don't they! I'm a 7 and they were a six...  So lets get on with what else I want this week: 

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