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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I want #5 OMG!

Uggh, I'm useless! I just knew this would happen. Posting a day late for something that is scheduled. Better late than never! This selection is definitely one of my favourites and includes some merchandise from Marina and the Diamonds because recently I have been loving their music. I mean we all loved Primadonna but I heard some of her other songs I just fell in love with them (loving Teen Idle and Radioactive) ! I think I'm starting to like a bit of Indie again (Don't worry my love for house and drum & bass is still here) as I have re-kindled my love with Paramore and the Arctic Monkeys are like my babes now. Seriously! I listen to "Are R u mine" everyday to school! I like Foxes but I'm not sure if she counted as indie.... Nah, she is more pop or something!
My outfit from my weekend away will be post soon, in due time my fashionistas!
Here it is any way!

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