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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Shopcade store wishlist OMG!

Well hello ma fashionistas! Sorry I won't try and use slang again, I'm sorry. But anyway, we all know Shopcade right? You should! I have post before (click here) about the amazing company and just how awesome they are. I have an account with them of course and I really recommend the the site. It's a way to look at fashion from ALL of your favourite stores as well as new and off the high street brand that you won't anywhere else, all in one space. I great one for you organised folk and just convenient for everyone! If you want, check out my page on Shopcade right here. You may be thinking, "But isn't it the same as fashiolista?" trust me, it way better than fashiolista, and you know how much I love Fashiolista! So once you check out the good ol' Shopcade, I have some more awesome news for you. Shopcade now have an online store! This means you can buy thing from other brands and companies straight from the Shopcade store. Of course, being me I had to check it out and here is what I found.

Check out my profile on Shopcade and comment below with your usernames if you want a follow :) 

Lets start with this neon clutch. What can I say other than WOW!
I just loved textured tees, which is why I had to include this bobbly top (I've also recently got obsessed with boyfriend tee and rolls sleeves) 
It's holographic AND pastel, what more could you want??? 
If the first items weren't enough to persuade you then look at this:They have clothes with daisies so Shopcade store are already one of my fave stores! 
  • Boyfriend type tee
  • Rolled sleeves
  • Cool print

Have you signed up to Shopcade? 

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