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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I want #4 OMG!

4th week running, woo! Yeah so from the cover image you can probably tell this "I want" is going to be festial themed. But come on guys, what do you expect when boohoo has added a festival attire page to their website!? Can you really blame me? I'm just all about that festival/Summery look. I luv it! It's just shouts out Summer and festival clothes are never boring guys, never! Wouldn't you just love to wear what this model is wearing? I want those clothes! Ahhh, perfection. Ooh and I have little haul for you guys soon so be prepared for that, it may not be until next week though because, you know shipping these days. Okay now get get ready for an awesome I want (Maybe not that festival inspired...)

I kind of forgot to put the Kimono into the set, sorry. 

11. Topshop, £10 (sold out) 
16. Accessorize, £41


  1. Ahh, I really love the jeans and the black dress from Boohoo! If only I had the money for them...


Thanks bruh... XD

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