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Monday, 9 June 2014

Urban Outfitters sale

I thought this image looked quite sad so I thought I would use it because I'm sad right now! I am post with one eye open because my eye is all messed up and I did go to the doctors today because of it and luckily I got some ointment for my eye so that great but my eye is in so much pain. Uggh guys you don't even know what it feels like, it's like a have a bruise all around my eye and on my eyelids and it's just horrid. I can barely keep it open because it hurts and it's like swollen so there is a small chance I will be going to school tomorrow too. Sad times. And to top it all off my phone broke yesterday. I know this sounds silly but I actually cried! It's just I loved my phone and it's going to be so hard without it. R.I.P Sony Xperia Tipo (Or Son son for short). Enough of my sad life, did you hear there is a sale going on at Urban Outfitters!?! I bet you didn't! Well I looked through it ALL for you and these are what I found which are pretty awesome....

I know this still quite Winter-ry but I still love it! 
Top: £25 
Okay so this dress a lil story.
When me and my friend Amy decided to go on a little adventure and ended up in Camden we thought since we don't have any money we could look in all the cool shops like American Apparel, UO (don't forget H&M) and try on loads of clothes. So when we went in UO and saw this dress we both picked it up and tried it on! Sadly both of ours didn't fit but we decided it was a very Zoella looking dress. 
Don't you agree? 
£30 (Now named the Amy & Chloe dress) 
Love this! £25 
Loving the hair too, been wanting mine like this for ages, anyone know how to do it? Lol 

What do you think about the Amy & Chloe dress? Hah

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