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Thursday, 30 January 2014

*TNT sample review OMG!

The lovely people down at TNT Cosmetic gave me some samples to review which include 4 lovely eyeshadows, one lip scrub and a fab lipstick in a shade I LOVE! The company is really great and I love it. they do custom blends a long with the already fun stuff aswell. Plus MUA models have been spotted wearing there stuff! Must be good then huh? Even make-up artist themselves reccomend this company so why not check em' out guys: CLICK THIS TO SEE TRUE awesome MAKE-UP. So of course when they arrived all the way from California I couldn't wait to try out there stuff. I have reviewed each item but since one of the eye shadows didn't show up that well I decided to leave it out of the review. Apart from that I love everything else! My favourite of course is the lipstick and the Sugar lips are, BETTER than the Lush Bubblegum lip sugar (Yeah I said it!) Get ready to check out the make-up of the ultimate cosmetics brand...

Strawberry Jam "Suga Lips" Exfoliating Lip Scrub is perfect for when your lips need a bit of love. It's made from natural sugar cane and un-harmful ingredient that make it perfect for your lips to love. Apply a scoop of your lip scrub onto your lips. Then rub into your lips for about 40 seconds. After wash off with water (You could even lick it off with your tongue!). It's a treat for lips and a taste for your tongue and with a pinky base colour to! PRICE: $9.99
The picture of my lips on the left is with the "Suga" lips scrub not rub in yet and on the right, washed off. 


The shade "Sexy Swag" came up as a really nice chocolatey brown. I didn't go for a deep colour so I added about a layer or two to get this kind of light, misty brown colour. It goes on very smoothly and feels lovely. Better than some eyeshadows I've used in the past! PRICE: $7.50

Again, the I shadow is lovely! It goes on smoothly and is very FAB! It didn't come up as much as I would of wanted it to as it's around the same shade as my complection. But that just means its perfect for that sort of natural look! PRICE: $7.50

DEFO my favourite eyeshadow of the lot. I really love it! It looks so fun and sparkly. It really has a glamorous flare to it and just looks so good on me and I just love it okay guys! 
PRICE: $7.50
As you can see It like I platinum/silver colour.

I was actually on the look out for a pastel purple lipstick at the moment so it was really perfect timing! This lip matte/paint has quite a shine to it considering it's matte. It looks lovely and in spring when pastels will be all the goss and trends I'll be kicking it out as much AS I can! It goes quite smoothly and doesn't reveal cracks in your lips (If there a bit dry) but I do recommend adding a lil bit of lip butter a couple mins before using to really get the best use out of it. This was my FAV sample out of the lot and I would just like to thank TNT again for giving me this mini haul of samples! 
PRICE: $10.99


  1. Great post , love the make-up, must get some :-)

  2. Great post , love the make-up, must get some :-)

  3. Yeah you defo should! There make-up is great!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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