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Saturday, 9 November 2013

This weeks fashionista: Back OMG!

She's back! Yes the weekly fashionista has come back from her, what seems like forever holiday! She's ready to thrill with her awesome fashion style and great fashion skills! So guys I didn't get to ask, how was your Bonfire night? Mine was great I was stuffing my face with sweets (as if Halloween wasn't enough?) and eating the last toffee apples. So basically it was a success! Any ways back to the weekly fashionista business.... I think that you will love this weeks #ForeverFashionista. She's a blond (again) and has a passion for Air maxes (Now were talking) get ready for the coolest most blond-est girl ever:
Phoebe Lettice! The star of Made in Chelsea and the girl on the left! She is my favourite gal out of the cast (Lucy if you're reading, your not included in my top 5 darling)
I just love her style because I think it's a mixture of street edge, vintage and modern, stylish flare! I know a weird combo but good in the aftermath. Plus she really rocks out the nose ring! I think she is the only person that doesn't look like a bull when wearing a nose ring. I now present to you Phoebe's Style montage! 

Sorry I think I got a bit carried away a bit there! I just think that's some proof and evidence at how cool she is right! Although I think her being on MIC (Made in Chelsea) is good enough reason to like her! If you want to dress like good ol' Phoebe you got to kick out the plaid skirt, fluffy coats and Air maxes. Okay are you ready yal? 
Her basket
H&M, £29.99 

Net-a-porter, £745 

 Sparkly brogue-DM's, very Phoebe. Dr.Martens, £290

Nike Air max 90 @ JD, £95 

River island, £45

River island, £45

 Net-a-porter, £48 Check out these show stoppers 

River island, £60 

AX Paris, £9.99

AX Paris, £25

Now all you need to do is go to the till!  
From another kinda fashion blogger x

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