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Friday, 11 October 2013

Be a kitty OMG!

Ah Halloween.. The best time of the year (sort of) and something that will and shall be talked about a lot on this blog! And of course I'm giving you a guide on how to look perfect for Halloween; which this year I will sadly have to spend alone without friends this year as they all are going to either Wales or Valenzuela! ( I know, going away for Halloween. Weirdos!) As as Halloween is slowly aproaching and it being Another kinda fashion blog's first one I'm gonna make an even BIGGER deal about it! So watch out for spooky post and Drop dead fashion mistakes, so, so bad, trust me you would want to be dead if you wore it! But of course Halloween is about Sweets and costumes and shopping for costumes and toffee apples and make-up and toffee apples... OMG don't get me started on toffee apples! There SO good.. Oh uh I see  toffee apple inspiration coming over the hill!

Sorry there just amazing! But Now its time for... Your Halloween costume guide! I say you should be a cat, everyone should be! Right? Because cats are the best things ever right??? RIGHT?! And with the helping hand of Boohoo, Nasty gal and Yayer you can be the best cat ever!

Yayer, £16.00

Boohoo, £12.00 

Nasty Gal, £20.19 

This reminds me of my Bday dress just a slightly scary version... 
Nasty Gal, £17.28 
and all will look fabulous with this on there heads.. Halloween or not!
Boohoo, £4.00
Or if you really can't be bothered and don't have the effort than just dress up in a bee onesie.

Boohoo, £20.00 

Doll boutique, £15.00 #Pink
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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