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Sunday, 13 October 2013

The weeks fashionista: Coming over the hill OMG!

This week for me has been hectic with homework coming out of my ears! But I knew I would be able to post yesterday and today if I put my mind to it! So i did and I have. But I PROMISE next week will be different AND I will post my precious darlings! I will. Ooh you guys are lucky this week as the #ForeverFashionista is just so amazing and awesome and cool and yeah.
 As I promised here is your pink item in the post
Topshop, £68 #Pink

She has amazing style and suites her very well known nickname! She is awesome. Yes she is famous and yes she is posh! Its has to be

Victioria Beckham! 
The amazing, on trend fashion designer is an ex spice girl and current #ForeverFashionista. She has a very feminine and classy approach and big boots are here thang! I love her style and even though some say is TO black or To dull I think it has a nice flair :0 Well except for these times.. 

Exhibit A: To young to know...?
 Exhibit B:NO EXCUSE

But there were plenty a good fashion time... like below girlies!

Now you just need some money and eyes to look and hopefully buy ALL of the amazing Vikky style steals to look just like good Posh spice
Fur on the collar is a very elegant and posh spice thing to do...
H&M, £59.99

Also a H&M classic! H&M, £39.99 

TK.Maxx, £89.99


Ankle or knee, or calf Posh is rocking out her boots.
  Normally in the colors of black, black and black

H&M, £69.99 

River island, £45 

Chicwish, £39.22


Bootleg, classy or straight leg, sleek. You choose!? 

Mee Mee, £35

Boohoo, £20

Shirts/Blouses and LBD 
All under £45 my darling!

£39.99 (TK.Maxx)

River island, £29.99

TK.Maxx, £39.99  

TK.Maxx, £16.99

Mee Mee, £22
There is your AMAZEBOZ guide on how to dress like posh and there are some style steals to. So kick out your ankle boots your jackets n' fur coats! and get your shift dress on!
FROM Another kinda fashion blogger x

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