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Monday, 23 September 2013

What does the fox say OMG?

 It is a free day today, wooohooooo (Free day- A day where NO homework needs to be given in the next day!) and after dieing as I watched this hilarious Youtube video I found some great and cute buys for fox lovers everywhere! But you need to watch the video to understand guys, just please watch it! Oh and buy this jumper...
TK.Maxx, £16.99
Well....... Anyway um hope you enjoyed it! Now to indure some amazing fox-inspired clothing from the one and only

I loves these hat/scarf/gloves things! My friend (and new time Blogger behind Drama queen office) Tallulah has a wolf one and I LOVE it! Amazon, £14.99

This is just TOO cute! amazon, £13.99 

Both £5.60 from Amazon

Oh and these is a special "What does the fox say" video for the ladies!
 From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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