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Friday, 20 September 2013

The weeks fashionista: REAVLED OMG!

There is a new thing arriving at this (amazing) blog! It's a new deal I have with you guys... every week there will be a NEW #ForeverFashionista whether it's celebrity or blogger! Who knows? I thought it would be nice to have a new scheme on this blog for a fresh new season!
 So sorry that I have posted in ages its just, well you know what the school is like at the begging; they give out SO much homework! Back to business, fashion blogger, family, celebs, even you could be a fashionista of the week on my blog! If you do want to be the fashionista of the week on my blog then just email me or fill out the contact form near the top of my blog of some pics of you a bit about and... yeah! So that might be a bit of fun for you! But who knows guys the next fashionista could be TGWTBC'S or Miley Cyrus (well maybe the last one is VERY unlikely!)

This weeks #ForeverFashionista is....
Yes. The amazing and wonderful (sometimes...) Rihanna! Her sense of fashion is amazing and I know some time it can be a bit showy...
Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Exhibit C

and a bit... um how do I say... hmm risky?

But..... Here are some of the outfits that Rihanna rocks and looks great in!

Okay Its just an overload of of Rihanna! RiRi loves her stilletto's, chains, denin, leather *GASP* and.... camo! Here are some high street goodies that can make you look like Rihanna. Well atleast the decent one! Oh and she loves her sparkles :)-
Her shoes: These are key to Riri outfits normally, the simple ones have the big impact! 
River island, £45.00 

Mart of China, £10.00 (BARGAIN!)

The mini skirt- This is a key thing to her outifts! Plain, sparkly or denim is a great combo with Riri!
Topshop, £28.00 
 Denim- Mum jeans, boyfriend jeans... or mini's 
Topshop, £22.00 

Rihanna @ River island, £65.00

Some other guides: 
Boohoo, £10.00 (Checks are her's AND your Best friends)

Lost lanes, £78.00 (Leather look))
Topshop, £8.00 (Crop tops don't bite!)
Nasty gal, £26.95 (Metallic clutch/side bag is needed) 
Nasty gal, £31.00
So there's your guide on to DRESS like Rihanna, but acting like her  is whole other post.... 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x 


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  2. Thank you! I will defo check out your website!
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Thanks bruh... XD

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