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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to school essentials: The stuff you WILL need OMG!

Yep. The most talked about discussion on the blogasphere has began here! And on the eve of going back to school (posting every 3 day for you guys sad face) I shall show you some essentials for (and tips) for going back to school and getting back into the routine of waking up  6:30 in the morning and getting back home for 4:30 because it gets dark quicker (Booo darkness!)! 
So your probably not a loud to wear make up at school right? Well with these tips you can do it in disguise without a text home or a 10 minute detention! And for less to with some stuff for £3.00 and under! This is one of my fav and even though it's more than £3.00 it's perfect for school: 

  (Credit) Avon, £6.00 Great for shiny lips with a bit of size!
and if your on a little budget (Okay thats basically all of us!) then get away with this 2true lipgloss only £1.99 from Superdrugs 

But its not just lips we have to worry about its nails to! We ALL need for are nails to be shiny with colour and for less than £4.00 its even better! 
2true @ Superdrugs, £3.00
Maybelline, £2.99 
Use these 2 together for a non-boring look with a glossy shine as a undercoat. The bobly top coat really does add a candy effect so you can have some sweetness to your school life to replace the un-sweet school deserts!  

If clear lipgloss isn't for you and you want a bit of colour but that was still un-noticable then these are for you: 

Both £1.99 2true @ Superdrugs 

But there's always lip balm and Baby lips! Now everyone has this problem.... picking a school bag! I know I did! There either to pricey, toooo cheap, to ugly and as your mum would say: To punky! If only they knew it was in the trend.... :( But forget them! kick but with these under £30.00 backpacks!

1-  Pretty little thing, £24.00
2-, £23.00
3- Pretty little thing, £24.00
4-, £19.00
5-  Pretty little thing, £25.00

And shoes dont forget the shoes! Sadly we cant wear Taylor says but we sure can wear these

So there you have it! School shoes, bags and Text-home free make-up guides!
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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