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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Chain me up OMG!

First with the chunky heels and known with the Gold chains (and tags)! It's yet another "Celeb wear em' and you can to" post! But the main celeb that has been found wearing these amazing and trendy pieces of jewelry is #ForeverFashionista (Well when she wants to be...) Rihanna.
 I really love these gold chains and they really bring a awesome and trendy vibe to your outfit as what most awesome jewelry does! But it's not just the chains it's also the ID tags as people call it which are also flooding the blogsphere:
 This lovely ID tag chain is by Celine found at Net-A-Porter Which just as lovely Kim Kardashian was wearing.
Some how these necklaces hold the power to give you elegance AND hip-hop vibe to your outfit! I know, I know very confusing but it works! Here is some celebs mainly Kim and RiRi wearing there chainzs! 

The gun one is so awesome! So as you may of guessed this is a MUST and LUST have for Autumn as well as your bomber jackets and your Beanies! And even though soon are necks will have scarfs around them we can still savour the chain look while it last, hey?!? Me thinks so! 

"Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold uh huh yo-" anyway um sorry that just had to sung in my head! Topshop, £22.00 

Is big always best? YES well in necklace for anyway! New look, £5.99 

It's final. Big is best! I LOVE this! Funky bling @ ASOS £95.00 £57.00

River island, £8.00 

Double trouble (Sorry that was SO cheesy!) River island, £10.00

ASOS, £8.00

Gimme your ID

 River island, £8.00

Don't worry you can wear it on your finger too! Nasty Gal, £5.22

So there you have it! Chains for all! And i would defo buy ALL of them.... but I can't :( Definitely not that £6,000+ ha no way!  Wasnt this post completly and utterly

From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. I need one :> they are so cool!!
    check out my latest look:

  2. Right?!!
    From another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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