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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Interview with Laura and Rachel from Mallzee OMG!

Mallzee have done it again! They have made me smile! But this time it's not there website alone (even though that is defo smile worthy!) It's the FAB ladies behind it! I'm talking about Laura and Rachel the amazing girls behind the fashion (in my eyes the MOST IMPORTANT PART!) department of Mallzee. They are the ones that say yes to adding your cup of tea worthy Boohoo top or those Neon, denim jeans you love from Asos! And lucky for me and you; I got to interview them all about what THEY absolutely LOVE! Check out Laura and  Rachel's Twitter to follow and click to follow the fashion (and it looks like...) plant lovers! Make sure you check out my Mallzee post to you crazy fashionista's! Mallzee post P.S loving the sandals Laura! 
Interview OMG! 

1. What made you think of the idea Mallzee? 
L&G: Our CEO Cally saw a gap in online shopping and realised that online shopping had become boring. People want to have a fun experience when shopping online and they want to be able to shop all their favourite shops in one place - that's why Mallzee was created! 

2. How long has Mallzee been up and running for?
L&G: Mallzee launched earlier this year 

3. What made you pick the brands you picked for your FAB website?
L&G: We wanted all the main stores that our customers love. We want Mallzee to feel like a one-stop-shop online mall so we picked all the best high-street stores so our customers can shop them all in one place.

4. Have you/the company ever regretted adding a company to your site?
L&G: Not at all. We love all the brands we have! 

5. Now let’s talk general fashion! What is your FAV, number 1 shop?
L/G: Mallzee, of course, but my favourite store on Mallzee would have to be ASOS - they offer affordable, stylish clothes and really do have an outfit for everything. 

6. . Are you a trend-follower or do believe in unique style?
L/G: I think a mix of both. I like to be aware of the trends but I also believe in having a unique style and customising and accessorising to make your outfit personal to you. The great thing about Mallzee is that we take the 'trends' and show you items that are unique to your style.

7. If there was one word to describe you probably AWESOME style, what would it be (e.g. Funky!)?
L/G: That's a tough one but it would probably be classic/feminine with a bit of an edge. 

8. I really hope this is a straight, upfront NO but have you ever craved... Crocs (or clogs)?!
L/G: I've not but I'm pretty sure I owned clogs as a child sadly…

9. Monochrome or Perspex? 
L/G: Monochrome 

10. Are you happy that you went into the fashion industry/career)
L&G: Definitely, it's such a fun industry to work in! 
Another kinda fashion blogger you shouldn't of asked but you have now!!! Naughty, naughty! :

11. Last question (Sad face..), this is kind of a vain question for me but.... Why did you choose my blog (among many others) to feature you? (What am I like!) 
L&G: Because we think It's great and we love reading it!
I am SO glad that they came across my blog! I am also very, very great full they agreed on letting me interview them! They are AMAZEBOZ and FAB! They were great to interview and I loved there answers (um especially the last one... That's my fav answer!) Love ya Mallzee x
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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