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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Movie outfit? Please OMG!

Yes Katy  I am treating you with something one has not done for a LONG time.....An outfit post (One of your fav post's according to my blogger stats) and this time I have an outfit for everything whether your going to the park or watching Kick-ass 2!  (Or for the young-in's Smurfes 2)  

I LOVE the chunky ankle boots, they really have a great effect on the outfit!
Dress: She , £15.00 Shoes: Zara (Price unknown, sorry)
Total: £15.00+???

You know me and tassels, I gotta have em'! Especially Tassel shorts
Shopping outfits are important to: Top, She £12.00 Skirt: Oh my, £8.00
Total: £20.00 Not to bad for a great outfit! It also means more money for your shopping spree girls!

Great for the trend and even only black and white are the colours of this outfit... It still has some edge and is a mix of classy, elegent and punky, edgy. Monochrome/black n' white will stay in fashion heart always and forever- period!
Jumper- £15.00, Forever 21
Jeans- £20.00 Ally fashion
Blah bag- £295,
Posh-tot bag!- £2,585,
Awesome white ankle heels- £40.00 Boohoo
Sunglasses- £130, net-a-porter

You guys should know by now that floral amongst others is the absolute craze this summer so with this "Floral power" (Yep and I do mean floral NOT flower!) set you would look FAB and Floral!
crop top- Chicnova, £11.00
Skirt- Chicnova, £18.00
Shoes-, £68.00
Bag- Topshop, £37.00
Earrings- Etsy, £8.57
Great outfits right!?! If you loved these then follow me on Polyvore with one click!

From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. Fab post! The cut out dress is only £15 pound thou heres a link

  2. Thankz! Oh sorry let me change that! omg.... Do u work for She!!!! Thats' so cool, Thankz again
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. I love the second outfit! (:
    Nice blog, dear!

    1. LOVE your blog its great! Thankz! Thankz again for commenting :)- Zara new collection is great!
      From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  4. great post <3 you're right!
    check out my latest look:
    Have a lovely week!!


Thanks bruh... XD

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