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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tatty Devine OMG!

Despite the name this is NOT a tatty jewelry company, by far! My friend Lily told me about it and she got this for her birthday!
Amazon, £42.00 
I know.... I know! Why does she always have awesome! First going to New York then getting Wonder Woman converse and now these goodies! You might think £42.00 is a lot for a necklace but it was probably A LOT more than its discount on But before I get right in to the world of Tatty Devine I must show you these cute and cool clutch bags from.....
EBay, £5.49 There nice and at the back can fit an Iphone 4S! There cute,  snappy and best of all... CHEAP! 

Tatty Devine 
CATS!!! I love this cat ring! £10.00, Of course Tatty Devine 

SALE!! £35.00, Tatty Devine p.d its a necklace not a lolly ( I know I thought it was candy as well at first!)

My Fav!!!!

160.00 :(, Tatty Devine NOT ACTUAL TREE!
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. What cute jewellery finds!I love the heart lolly necklace :)

    Bec Boop

  2. I know! OOOh I love your blog its fab! I follow it on blogger/GFC! :) Thankz for commenting (abd following!)
    From Anothr kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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