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Friday, 18 October 2013

*Vintage watch... ALL MINE OMG!

Casio aren't just for calculators my darling! The lovely people down at The watch hut gave me an amazing and vintage watch. I LOVE it it's amazing and perfect for the new AW trend. It is a Casio wonder with a digital clock (I know forget analog!) with silver straps. It has a beautiful red centre piece before you get to the clock part. It is elegant and would make a grown man cry (because of its awesome-ness) Don't forget it has a handy timer/stop watch and alarm. Yes alarm! On a watch. I know, I know; not to mention it being water resistant. So again give a big amazing thanks to The watch hut for giving me this watch. Give them all your affection, now! 
Please digest lightly my REALLY BAD pic quality. My Camera is recovering from A-L-O-T of picture taking! Seriously.

Get me! Going to Greenwich theatre! Amazing by the way.

Amazing right? I love it and you WILL be seeing it a lot on my blog. 
But enough of me bragging about my watch! It's time to tell all about Casio new range of watches. The "Sheen collection". There NEW and fabulous range is sparkle inspired and ready for the glitz n' glam party season: 

Love It! You may have noticed them  and seen the advert on ITV 2 after Towie the best show ever! Sorry getting off spray-tan point!
And It's Casio's first sponsor ship on TV! Wooooo!! But of course the Sheen collection would be a perfect sponsorship for The only way is Essex! I checked out watch hut and found there new range (Sheen Collection) and picked my top five glittery angels!

 Casio @ Watch hut, £84.00

I love the jewels! Casio @ Watch hut, £191.00

Casio @ Watch hut, £65.29 


Casio @ Watch hut, £165.00
So there you have it a fabulous post about The watch hut, Casio and my NEW watch! And again a special thankz to The watch hut for LOVING my blog.
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


  1. Hey! Loving the watch :) also loving Casio's new collection! Keep up the great blog!
    The girl with the BC's x
    P.S This is just a personal message, but if you are wondering why I may not be replying to any calls or texts, it's because I don't have my phone :(

  2. Thankz! Whats better the Onesie or the Watch (ooh toughy!) Okay :)
    p.s did you ring me on a house phone earlier?!?
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

  3. Oooh, hard decisions! LOL =D
    The girl with the BC's x
    P.S Yeah, I did. But it doesn't matter, I will have my phone on Monday

  4. Okay doll may I ring you back now?
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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