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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween idea: queen of darkness OMG!

With Halloween slowly creeping upon us, its time to get are freak on and plan some outfits! So... If you don't wanna completely splash on an o.t.t (Over the top) and expensive costume I have a perfect idea for you! And with a bit of River island sparkle and Chi Chi lace perfection you can ace Halloween, even if it's only 12 days away! Oh it's so close, I'm really excited! Even though we wont all look as spectacular as the amazing model above we can still put in a tiny bit of effort and look FAB! But It's not just the costumes, Avon and a bit of MUA can help us look even more mysterious with there wonderful beauty product! I'm very sorry my #ForeverFashionistas but until Halloween is over there won't be a weekly fashionista :( but this will be, hopefully more thrilling for you...
 The beauty bargains:
Get ready for black...

I really wanna try out this new Avon wonderbrush because it looks F-A-B! 
Avon, £10.00 £7.00 

I love MUA for there cheap but high-quality products! MUA, £2.00

'Berry' shade, £2.00 (MUA)

Next up is your outfit! Now the first idea and outfit is a bit pricey no thanks to the dress (even though its gorge! Seriously) And we all do need our own LBD's like the much loved Rita Ora shows: 

Now It's your turn!!!


Total price: £114.99 (I know I'm going all posh on ya!)
Dress: Chi Chi, £44.99
Kimono: River Island, £55.00
Necklace: River island, £15.00
Opinion: WORTH IT!

Type 2/ Outfit 2:

 So there you have it! A fab look, cheap and pricey and all gorge! So for now merry pre-
Guys I have quick n' important thing to say! My lovely cousin has made a fabulous and NEW blog all about the hard life of being a teen! From fustrating situation we all go/have gone through to Lipsy's sale! You have to check it out:

From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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