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Saturday, 18 October 2014

I'm back and ready for Halloween (almost)

I'm back after what feels like months! It's been really hectic with coursework deadlines and a lot of work so I haven't had the time to post which has really been annoying me! Finally I can update my blog and luckily I have half term this Friday so that means more posting time! You know me and Halloween. I always get really excited and start costume planning as soon as it's the first of October. I still don't really know who I'm going to be but if you couldn't tell this costume idea is Clueless themed! Clueless is one of my favourite movies and so I thought it would be crazy to not have a costume dedicated to it. I picked Dionne (In picture above on the right) as she is just awesome!
It was quite easy to find her outfit so it's not impossible if you do want to be Dionne for Halloween as it's in all the high street stores you know and love. Check out these Dionne and Cher costumes and get ready to see how you can be Dionne for Halloween this year!

 Cardigan- New look, £9.99
(Roll up for the cropped look) 
Top- New look, £4.99
Skirt- River island, £20 
Knee socks- Missguided, £4.99
Shoes- Missguided, £24.99 
Fake nose ring- Amazon, £2.04
Total= £67.37
I just love this outfit because it doesn't have to be for Halloween alone! You could wear it practically anywhere and it will look amazing and on trend for this autumns tartan vibes. There are a few items that could take the price down a little bit, for example you could head to your local Primark and get some cheap knee socks or black tights and shoes could just be some plain black shoes or heels you have at home. I think this is quite a good amount for an outfit, especially because you can wear it more than once!
What will you be for Halloween this year? 

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